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Mira M. White, MFA, artist and teacher, exhibits widely in the Bay Area and is represented in collections both in the United States and in Europe. Mira is a drawing and painting instructor at San Francisco Bay Area colleges and community educational centers. Her professional career has also included curatorial and administrative positions for both galleries and private art schools (Curriculum Vitae).

An extraordinarily diversified and skillful artist, Mira works and teaches in several media—oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor and graphics. She puts great value on observation and on personal invention. Her work demonstrates both her sensitivity to nature and a deep felt affinity for color in both mood and expression. Most recently her preoccupation with light and atmosphere has led her to explore more fully the joys of plein-air painting. Her work has won many awards and is represented in private collections throughout the San Francisco region, the U.S., and in Europe.

Painting is my meditation. The most compelling, even haunting, force propelling my images has been an unquenchable thirst for recording and expressing transformation. I try to synthesize different influences in my life into a rich and complex imagery that tells of the connection between the outer experience of daily life and the inner world of a developing spiritual heart... Click here to read more in Mira's own words

Mira M. White As an experienced teacher of art, Mira responds to the needs of students at all levels. She understands the trepidation of the beginner and gently guides them through an understanding of composition, color and value. She works with each student at that student's level, helping them build confidence as they learn technique. Mira's years of accomplishment as an artist and her highly evolved personal growth come to the fore with students as they develop competence and see challenges and mastery of process. Rather than teaching her students a style, she gives them the tools and knowledge they need to realize their personal vision through their art.

I have always been preoccupied with transformation and I approach my creative process as a journey. Images emerge internally along my way that guide and reveal to me an evolutionary pattern to unfolding. This process is mysterious, profoundly engaging and validates my experience that we are all cathedrals of light...

Pastel Journal National Award: 3rd place, Still Life category, April 2006

Best of Show, Rocky Mountain National Aquamedia, 2001

Recent Publications: Watercolor Magic Magazine, Winter 2002

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